About Us

Recognizing the generational and gender divide that has existed since mankind began, Todd has taken on the challenges to Educate, Empower and Elevate the masses by providing an unprecedented view into Man Cave Conversations.


By sharing the inner mindset of men, it is Todd’s hope to:

  • Educate and inform individuals’ concept of manhood,
  • Empower relationships,
  • Elevate through sharing knowledge in the areas of Sexual Health, Sexuality, Intimacy, Passion and Beyond


From an early age, Todd connected to his desire to be a part of the solution to the ills of mankind. Man Cave Conversations is a part of that journey. To address the ills of society, we can use a shotgun approach and attempt to be all things to everyone or focus our attention on a key factor. There is a saying, “if you change one part of a system the whole system changes.”

Addressing the needs of men as a part of our global community system, we elevating by establishing and enhancing a sense of value, purpose, security, awareness, strength, duty, etc. through accurate information and open communication in all the issues that impact men. There on strengthening the entire global system. Man Cave Conversations is a part of the solution for all men, women and children in its unique approach in focusing on men.

Man Cave Conversations is that essential method that will Bridge the generational and gender divide that has existed since mankind began. Join us on our journey to empower, educate, and elevate the world at large for a strengthened and brighter tomorrow.


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